Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reflections 20, The Final Bow

Welcome to my Photography Blogspot

Welcome to my photography blogspot. This site will be a showcase for my works as a photojournalist and commercial photographer. From time to time, I will be posting samples of my work as a newspaper photojournalist and reporter, as well as samples of commercial photography, like weddings, debuts and special events. My name is Rene Villaroman, and I've had this passion for photography for many years. I began my career as a photojournalist decades ago, and today, many, many years later, I am still involved in this profession as a writer and photographer for a community newspaper, the Asian Journal -- which is is published in several editions in major cities in California, Nevada, New York and New Jersey.
This blog will be an on-going project. I will be updating its contents as I go along, filling it with news photos, wedding albums and other documentary images that I have accumulated in the course of my job as a photojournalist. In my commercial work, I'd like to call my self a special events photojournalist. When I am shooting a wedding or a debutante's ball, I like to be an alert observer, always ready to capture every unexpected and spontaneous moments in the celebrants' wedding or debutante's party. That alertness is the product of years as a working photojournalist. When I am shooting an important family event, like a wedding, I am in constant state of anticipation; my finger always on the ready to click the shutter. That constant state of readiness is the product of my many years working as a photojournalist. I imbue my wedding and debutante's ball coverages with a sense of immediacy and natural rhythm. Direction, when necessary, is minimal, and utilized only when I am shooting the obligatory formal portraits and group photos. You can see this natural style in the wedding of Michelle and Michel in this site.
I will be posting another wedding album -- that of Anita and Richard Temple of Diamond Bar -- in the a few days. I will also post some memorable news pictures that have been published in my newspaper during the last two years, as well as my nature and landscape work. So, I'll see you in a few days.

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